Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Products & Services : Compact Purifiction Membrane Unit | Hitachi Plant

HITACHI Japan Membranes

Products & Services : Compact Purifiction Membrane Unit | Hitachi Plant: "Home > Products & Services > Water Treatment and Environmental Preservation Systems > Areas of Activity > New Technologies > Compact Purifiction Membrane Unit

Organic UF membrane

For a stable supply of the safest filtered water, you can select from among various variations ranging from medium-scale systems to small-scale systems.


* Easy maintenance
The PAN membrane pore's diameter is so small that the membrane can remove turbid matter and bacteria without requiring a chemical feed. Its maintenance is also very easy.

* Applicable to high turbidity raw water
Cleaning is performed by using both reverse pressure water and air scrubbing. Consequently, high turbidity raw water can be filtrated with high efficiency.


Small module
Membrane material PAN (polyacrylonitrile)
Filtration method External pressure type of all-quantity filtration
Dimensions of an element ø110mm X 1,100mm
Membrane area 12m2

View of the installed Modules

Organic MF membrane

PVDF membranes with excellent physical properties are adopted, and also elements with a large membrane area are used as modules. This enables to prolong "

Monday, October 24, 2005

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tea Break

That was one long tea break for sure.

Funny how you always want to do some things but blink and you find that the year has changed. I have been meaning to write more. I swear.

Anyway to continue on my monologue, Logical black holes. I have made up some fancy theories, being a product of prestigious university and an die hard armchair theorist.

Logic is hardly something like a compass which will point only one way, something more like the rooster who points at the direction of the wind. Freely movable and quick to respond to any changes in wind direction. It is always funny to see all of us believing in our own "objective" logical rational view at things ending up with something totally otherwise.

I have now reviews my views and come to a major conclusion in my life. NOONE ever grows up, not too much anyway. We just continue to do what we like or prefer irrespective of better experiences or bitter ones.When I hear my mom talking of her past experiences, I compare then to current ones. No marks for guessing that they are not too different. Being adults we use logic to first convince ourselves and then those close to us.

At the bottom of our behaviour is our emotions. They dictate our life and our logic. More on it later.

It is later the middle of the night and I cant remember the reason I convinced myself to be doing an entry.

till then,

Keep dreaming.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Personal thoughts in public domain

Dear Me,

It was just yesterday that I mentioned to a friend that I am keeping my private diary on net, open to public view. Of course it took some time to get digested...I feel internet is so big that chances of this being read are lesser then anyone reading my own (physical) diary. In any case, was interesting to see that feeling of stupidity of your actions overcoming as soon as you explain your ideas to someone. I wonder how is it that one can carry that off.... Some of us manage it all the time.

Speaking of that, I have derived (me being an engineer) that every one of us has a logical black hole which contains a "singularity" where all our logic breaks down. So one can be very good at his work, logical to death but when it comes to singularity, all of it evaporates.

Take an example, Mothers have it for their son, wives have it for their husbands (and not vice versa), Husbands have it for their girlfriends.....and so on and so forth.

It is so interesting to take one through self to the Singularity where you will face total confidence how trivial and obvious are some "facts". I do it all the times with myself and eventually meet one of my fears, passion, obsession or plain donkey like stubbornness.

Can you ?

Its time for tea and I am sure blog shall wait...

Till then,



Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Own Pensieve

Hi Hiren,

It DOES sound odd to write to yourself but if you are really afflicated with too many thoughts, it is not long before you yourself get lost somewhere. What Dumbledore says about having "too many thoughts" is really true !!! Sometimes you would like to really examine what you think and what you feel so here is my own personal pensive.....Written for the exclusive audience comprising of I, Me, Myself and yours truly.

Lets hope I keep up the habit...cause I dont see myself keeping up any :-)))

Yours only,